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Email: info@atlanticislandscentre.com
Tel: 01852 314096

Meet Our Team

Our team here at the Atlantic Islands Centre is a very diverse and professional one.

At present all our employees are island based.  We also have a large numbers of volunteers

in our organisation, with a vast range of skills and expertise in community projects.

Picture above are some of our team (past and present).


If you are in the centre and need any questions answered,

feel free to ask one of our team and they will be happy to

point you in the right direction.

Opening Hours

March - October: 
                              Monday - Friday          10am - 5pm
                              Saturday                       10am - late
                              Sunday                          12am - 5pm

November - February: 
Monday - Friday          11am - 4pm
                               Saturday                       11am - late
                               Sunday                          12am - 4pm 

Food served from 12pm daily