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Opening Hours

March - October: 
                               Monday - Thursday     10am - 5pm
                               Friday                            10am - late
                               Saturday                       10am - late
                               Sunday                          12am - 5pm

November - February: 
Monday - Thursday    11am - 4pm
                               Friday                            11am - 4pm
                               Saturday                       11am - late
                               Sunday                          12am - 4pm 

Food served from 12pm daily

Bank Holiday Weekend events - Fri 28th & Sat 29th April

What is the 3rd planet from the sun? What film won Best Picture at this year's Oscars? In football, who was nicknamed 'The Divine Ponytail'? Quiz fans are in for a treat this Friday evening. We will be hosting a special quiz night at 9pm at the Atlantic Islands Centre to kick off the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Food will be served on Friday evening up until 9pm. Choose from our delicious new menu and help yourself to our wide range of drinks - with or without alcohol! We advise reserving a table (see details below). 

On Saturday, the Centre will be open from 11am until late. Food will be served in the evening up until 9pm. Treat yourself with some locally-caught seafood (scallops, langoustines, crab and squat lobsters). Again we recommend booking in advance.

If you are coming to the Centre from off-island on Friday or Saturday evening, it is possible to arrange a lift from the ferry and back if you phone in advance.

Phone: 01852 314096 - Email: info@atlanticislandscentre.com


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Aurora talk - Tue, 21st March, 7:45pm

Science, Myth & Magic

Kenny Taylor is a Highland-based writer, musician and broadcaster who is passionate about natural history but who also is fascinated by auroras. He's travelled from Alaska to Scandinavia to seek them, but enjoys a huge northern view from his highland garden. This boosts the chances of dancing sky appreciation at home.

Come along to the Atlantic Islands Centre to be illuminated by Kenny as he contemplates the science, myth and magic of the Northern Lights and shares with us his incredible photographs and images of the Dancing Ladies. This includes stills & time-lapse by Jamie MacPherson. To whet your appetite, examples of Jamie MacPherson's work can be seen in the photo above and in the video below.

Booking not required. Entry by donation. Talk starts at 7:45pm.

Free ferry pick-up available from the 7:30pm passenger ferry and drop off to 10:00pm passenger ferry. To request a lift please contact the Centre. 

Phone: 01852 314096 - Email: info@atlanticislandscentre.com

Mairi Campbell performs 'Pulse' - Friday 10th March, 7:45pm


We are delighted to be welcoming back Mairi Campbell to the Atlantic Islands Centre for a performance of Pulse - another of her captivating musical stories. Mairi is an influential and pioneering Scottish musician whose music has a rooted and powerful quality. She digs deeply where she stands, drawing on her well of Celtic ancestry to find rugged, beautiful and mesmerising music that is both ancient and new. In December 2015 Mairi was named Instrumentalist of the Year in the Scots Trad Music Awards. She has also previously won Scots Singer of The Year.

£8 for adults; Free for under 16s.
Pre-order tickets by phone or by email.
Collect pre-ordered tickets on the night before 7:30pm.
Remaining tickets will be available at the door on the night.

If you want picked up from the 7:30pm ferry, phone or email the Centre.
If you want to eat at the Centre before the performance, the new lunch menu will be available up until 7pm.

Phone: 01852 314096 - Email: info@atlanticislandscentre.com

Hope to see you there!

Artist in residence poster copy-2.jpg

Pauline Justin is going to be our ‘artist in residence’ at the Atlantic Islands Centre from the 13.02 to the 19.02.2017. During her time here she will not only develop her own work incorporating local themes but will run workshops, can offer one to one consultations on your own work and will generally be approachable for informal discussions about visual arts or her own work.

Creative, Practical Art, Workshops.  For the beginner and advanced Artist.  

The workshops are designed to encourage confidence in your inspiration and imagination. We will work as individuals and in groups.

Work will take place in and out of doors (depending on weather) with practical instruction for those who want tuition on their skills with various materials. Your work can be carried out in two dimensions or three (examples: watercolour, oil, acrylic, drawing, 3D found objects, card, foil, stones, slates etc.)

 If you have any materials please bring them along. You will work from your ideas and interpretations, of what you see about you in Cullipool. We will make notes, use our memories, make sketches, take photographs etc., whatever helps you to build an idea.

 We will look at the components of a piece of art, e.g. colour, shape, form etc. Your art can be realistic or abstract or a combination of both. Help will be at hand at all times to make your choices and develop your ideas, as simple or as complicated as you wish.


 1 What is Art? A discussion.

2 Looking at your surroundings.

3 Building your ideas, sketching, notes, photographing etc. 

4 Which material to use, your preference and suitability for your ideas.

5 Starting the piece of work from your groundwork.

6 Discussion. 

 Each of us views the world in a unique way. Everyone's perception -and their artistic expression of that perception- is as valid as that of everyone else.

 We are not our own best judge or critic - our work may be very much better than we think!

 Come and see what you can achieve with enhanced inspiration, improved confidence and encouragement towards greater mindfulness - in the hands of our working artist Pauline.

 For more information or to book a class please phone the Atlantic Islands Centre at 01852 314096.


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